Aastrika Midwifery centre practice a mother-centric midwifery model of care, with continuity of care throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. They believe that interventions should be ethical, evidence-based, and timely, and that mothers should be part of an informed shared decision-making process.



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  • Navdeep K


    I recommend this place for calm and personalised birth experience!
    We had a pre-term delivery, reached in emergency situation but staff and doctor handled it well. We felt safe and confident through out the process and happy for the support received post delivery.
    However I recommend everyone to make birth plan well in advance and enjoy the personalised support.
    Thank you Dr Jikmik and staff for making so relaxed and positive environment in labour room, as a father I loved that experience.

  • Christy M


    I highly recommend Aastrika midwifery center for the maternity, Excellent facility. Clean and well organized, Excellent service whole team members are very friendly, I am very much impressed

  • Vasudha P


    If you want to attempt the traditional way of delivering babies along with the support of modern medicine, all the while avoiding corporate treatment of to be mothers, Aastrika is the best place for you.

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