Nandini Women’s Clinic is a renowned healthcare establishment dedicated to providing quality healthcare and wellness services for women. Their clinic offers a comprehensive range of services, including gynecology, infertility/IVF, obstetrics, menopausal care, and maternal health. With a team of highly trained medical professionals, they strive to deliver personalized and exceptional care to their patients.


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  • Vidya G


    She is a best Gyne I ever experienced…Before meeting with Dr. Nandini, I have consulted with few other gyne who are just professional with their patients. However Dr Nandini is out of the world I would say, she not only listen everyone very patiently and calmly and give best solution to all..i have visited for my pregnancy confirmation and i felt very happy while interacting with her and the way she explained everything. Usual I have seen so many cases where patients wants normal delivery but doctors threaten them with so many issues and complications and patients has to agree for C sec but Dr Nandini prefer to do normal deliveries and tries her best till the end. I would highly recommend everyone to consult this doctor for happy pregnancy and normal delivery and get best advice all the time.. Thank you doctor and staff with lots of respect..

  • Sandeep S


    I took My wife for the consultation, the receptionist and All the staff’s were so friendly. Dr Nandini has a great experience in the field of gynac , her consultation and counseling was so excellent even a layman can understand the problem. I love to recommend this doctor, and I also pray that the lord give her the good health and strength to serve the community.

  • Sharani S


    Dr Nandini is one of the best gynecologist in Bangalore. She is experienced, skilled and expert in pregnancy related issues. She had lot of patience in listening the problems. She will explain in details all your queries. Thank you doctor…

  • Raghavendra P


    Dear Nandini Doctor ,
    It was great privilege and unforgatable experience to have met you. Thank you so much to you and staffs did to help us deliver our baby safely, Our baby and entire family will forever be greatful to you
    Thanks for you support and care Nandini madam( Our God)🙏🙏🙏🙏

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