SPARSH Hospital for Women and Children was envisioned with the thought that women and children should be able to access world class health care under one roof without compromising exclusivity. Out of this thought was born the idea of having a separate unit for women and children but still being able to access all the other specialties of medicine if required.

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  • Dhiraj B


    We have been consulting Dr. Geeth from last 1.5 years and its been an exceptional experience, shes very patient with us in listening to all sorts of doubts / queries and clears all our inhibitions. she explains every diagnosis with all details and make us understand the next course of actions, this is a very rare quality in the doctor, especially in the current corporate setup. Doc is always available for personal advice / consultation during emergency situations as well.

  • Padma B


    Came to SPARSH hospital for removal of a large ovarian cyst and hysterectomy with a confused mind but our experience here turned out of be very pleasant and comfortable. Dr. Prathima Reddy was very courteous, her assuring words was of great strength to me. Nurses and house keeping staff were very kind and did a good job.

  • Tapasya B


    The best hospital especially for first time parents. Dr Prathima Reddy has an exceptionally good team working for her. The doctor was someone who empowered me throughout this pregnancy journey even though it was one of the most vulnerable state of my being. Dr Nivedita, Nurse Tensing, Dr Divya (lactation consultant) and Lavina (from HR) are some of the best people I was blessed to be with. I would recommend all moms to be to give yourself under their care without a second thought. My baby is three months old now and we are in the best state of mental and physical health and all credits go to the attention and care I received at every step of my pregnancy. The care given by the team is not just modern or updated with recent scientific research but also flawlessly tailor-made for each family and patient!

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